Climathon Belgrade - ReMaking Tesla 2022

[верзија на српском]

Academic institutions in Serbia sent their most motivated students to participate in Climathon, a form of eco-climatic Olympics to compete with their ideas to help their cities. On November 26th and 27th, they have become a part of the most massive collective climate action in the world, held in over 200 cities on 6 continents, that gathers thousands of activists and experts. The leading idea was that our cities are fighting with consequences of non-ecological values that form in the earliest years. This is why they successfully joined science and play, solving an interesting challenge posed by the city of Belgrade: “Create an eco-climate game and educate!”

The teams have developed games for pre-school, teenagers, and adults, so everyone can find a game that will entertain and educate them for a long time. Lovers of good games can choose between table-top games, Live Action games (LAG), and simulation games.

Organizers are inviting interested citizens, experts, educators, educational and commerce facilities to support the teams and pick one or more of the Climathon Belgrade games, enriching eco-climate programs and their own free time.
Check out the Climathon Game Pack and choose a game for your eco-programs, for leisure or to support.

The winner was team “Bear on an iceberg”, a group of Pedagogy students from Belgrade. The runner-ups were “Divergent” from ATVSS Academy - Vranje, and the third place went to “Eco Footprints” from ATVSS Academy - Nish. They were guided by experts from Russia, Serbia, and the United States, and Center for Promotion of Science, Chamber of Commerce, and a number of kindergartens, already invited them as guests. The best solutions and lectures will travel over the region thanks to EcoColabo ecosystem, in cooperation with an IT startup Terra from New York.
Climathon Belgrade - ReMaking Tesla 2022” is organized by ChaOS collective with support of Belgrade Secretariat for Environmental Protection, Climate KIC, Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Mixer, and a number of other domestic and international partnerships.

Photo gallery from the event: